Specialties- About my Practice

Who I Work With

I work with adults and emerging adults (18 years +) using a psychodynamic approach (looking at how the past effects the present), while also being mindful of the intersection of thoughts, feelings and behaviors (CBT & DBT), to allow for relief from emotional pain. I work with individuals who want to improve their relationships, further explore themselves and the roles they play in their world, women’s issues, and individuals who are struggling with a change or transition in their life.


Relationships are one of the most challenging aspects of life, and this is also where we develop our sense of who we are and whether that feels good and authentic, or painful and anxiety provoking. If you are struggling with finding a voice or space for yourself in your relationships, feeling seen and heard, or being able to attach and trust, we can work together to improve your sense of self and overall satisfaction within your relationships.

Self Exploration

Did you had an invalidating childhood, or other neglectful or painful issues during your younger years that you feel are still affecting the way you move around in your life today? It is so common for us to struggle with the idea that we should “get over” difficulties from our past. However, the more we understand past hurts and sensitivities, the more able we are to have a sense of control in our current lives. If we don’t know what is driving our emotional responses, we cannot change how we react to them. We will work together to allow you to feel like you can exist with less pain and suffering and overall greater ease in your world.

Change and Transitions

We all go through very difficult times where it feels like the problems keep piling up. If you are noticing signs of feeling anxious or depressed, or like you used to be able to “deal” and it’s harder to do that than it used to be, you may need some additional support in finding ways to manage the stressors in your life. I use cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies to assist you in learning lasting ways to manage the thoughts and feelings that often go along with stressful situations, and how to relate to these thoughts and feelings in a way that works for, not against, you.